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Terms and Conditions

【Order related】
  1. Chiloki reserves the right to accept or reject an order. If it is unable to accept your order due to special circumstances such as an accident, we will contact you by phone or by leaving an order message on the site. We can change the order content or issue a refund. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you. Please excuse me.
  2. The items in the shopping cart cannot be reserved and are not valid orders. You must click "Submit Order" before the order will be officially established.
  3. Payment must be completed within three days after the order is formally established. If payment is not made within the time limit, the order will be automatically canceled and the ordered goods will not be retained.
  4. After the remittance is completed, please remember to send the remittance information back to us so that we can help you arrange your order as soon as possible.
  5. The price of the goods ordered is based on the price on the website when you place the order.
  6. The waiting time for pre-ordered products ranges from about 1 week to 4 weeks.
  7. Please fill in your real name, shipping address and contact information clearly and correctly.
  8. Chiloki is not responsible for orders that are delayed, unable to be delivered, or freight incurred due to the following circumstances:
  • Incomplete content
  • Not paid within time
  • Provide error message and non-detailed address
  • The goods are delivered without a signature, resulting in the costs and related responsibilities of repeated delivery.

Shipping and delivery instructions
  1. Home delivery on Taiwan’s main island is TWD$90, home delivery on Taiwan’s outlying islands is TWD$210, supermarket pickup/pickup payment is TWD$65, Hong Kong is TWD$290 (surcharge of HK$20~30 is extra), #Hong Kong residential areas covered , coverage of remote areas.
  2. If you are picking up the goods at a convenience store, please be sure to pay attention to the letter and mobile phone text message that you registered when shopping on the website. You must pick up the goods within 7 days from the arrival of the package at the store. When picking up the goods, it is recommended to bring a certificate with the same name as the consignee, such as: ID card If the goods, health insurance card, or driver's license are overdue and the goods are not picked up, resulting in returns after shipment, legal prosecution will be reserved.
  3. Shipping time: In-stock products will be shipped within 2 days after the bid is remitted. FamilyMart, 7-11 delivery time (Taiwan): +3 Days to the store after shipment. International express delivery time: +3~14 Days after shipment to receive.
  4. The range of home delivery remote areas on Taiwan’s main island is as follows:
  • Yilan County: Datong Township, Nanao Township
  • Taoyuan City: Fuxing District
  • Hsinchu County: Wufeng Township, Jianshi Township
  • Miaoli County: Sanwan Township, Nanzhuang Township, Shitan Township, Tai'an Township, Xihu Township
  • Taichung City: Heping District
  • Nantou County: Renai Township, Xinyi Township
  • Chiayi County: Fanlu Township, Meishan Township, Zhuqi Township, Alishan Township, Zhongpu Township, Dapu Township
  • Yunlin County: Caoling Village, Gukeng Township, Zhanghu Village, Gukeng Township
  • Tainan City: Nanhua District, Dongshan District
  • Kaohsiung City: Taoyuan District, Namasia District, Maolin District
  • Pingtung County: Sandimen Township, Wutai Township, Taiwu Township, Laiyi Township, Chunri Township, Shizi Township, Mudan Township, Manzhou Township
  • Hualien County: Xiulin Township, Fengbin Township, Ruisui Township, Wanrong Township
  • Taitung County: Yanping Township, Haiduan Township, Donghe Township, Changbin Township, Dawu Township, Jinfeng Township, Daren Township

【Store Privacy Protection Policy】
  1. Freight part: The freight method selected by the buyer, if the buyer's personal information needs to be provided to the freight forwarder. The buyer is asked to agree with the seller to provide it to the shipping operator before making a purchase. For example: recipient's name, recipient's address, recipient's contact number (local and mobile phone number), etc. Information required for actual shipping is provided based on the buyer's choice.
  2. SHOPLINE platform shopping section: To use this shopping platform, you need to fill in personal information to facilitate the seller's operation. Buyers are asked to agree to provide the following information to the platform before making a purchase. The information that needs to be provided to the platform is as follows: customer name, email address, customer contact number and recipient name. If sent by post office, the recipient's address and contact number must be further provided. When using SHOPLINE to shop, fill in the information required on the purchase page. Therefore, the buyer (non-member) information obtained will be used in accordance with SHOPLINE's privacy policy. This information will only be used for the purpose when the buyer (non-SHOPLINE member) provides it. By using this, if the buyer (SHOPLINE member) does not want to keep the information on the SHOPLINE platform, he can contact SHOPLINE.
  3. The buyer's information obtained due to the purchase and sale contract will not be used for any purpose without the buyer's consent except to achieve the purpose of the contract.