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Q: Can't pair with Android phone?
A: Do not pair in the Bluetooth settings of your phone. Just go to ZELLO>Options>Push-to-Talk. When the button is added, press the button and ZELLO will automatically connect to the button. If you have a Bluetooth connection in the phone settings, please disconnect it first.

Both Bluetooth and GPS on your phone need to be turned on, and please confirm the GPS permissions.
Enter ZELLO>Options>Support>Set Permissions>ZELLO Permissions>Positioning>Allow All
※There may be some differences among mobile phone brands

Finally, update the ZELLO APP to make sure it is in the latest version.

Q: Can Bluetooth be paired but unable to connect?
A: Please refer to the following steps:
▸Set the Zello location permission to always allow, and then go to the zello pairing button
▸In the main settings of your phone, look for the app zello in the location options
▸Then you will see the options for permissions
▸Choose Always Allow
▸Go back to the zello pairing button

※Please do not pair Bluetooth if the mobile phone owner sets it

Q: I can't speak smoothly during a group call and the beeping sound keeps happening?
A: The beeping sound means that you can't connect and speak smoothly. Because there are other people in the group talking, you can't interrupt. You need to wait for the person who pressed the button first to finish speaking, and then press the talk button to connect and speak smoothly.

However, in 1-on-1 situations, it is allowed to interrupt.

Q: Sometimes the DD7 is turned on for cycling, and then it is not pressed for a period of time, and then disconnects when it is about to be pressed. Why does this happen?
A: If you do not talk frequently, the DD7 button will automatically sleep after a period of time. At this time, you can press the button first to start the Bluetooth connection. After a few seconds, press the button again and the connection will usually resume automatically.
In addition, please slide off and remove unnecessary background programs from your phone before restarting your phone.
Accessory pairing will be affected due to too many background programs on the phone, or insufficient memory due to the phone not being restarted for a long time.
It is recommended that the mobile phone is turned on and off regularly and restarted like the computer, so that the Bluetooth performance will be better.
When connecting multiple Bluetooth devices, it is not recommended to open too many APPs, which will also affect the performance of the phone.

Q: If you use a mobile phone walkie-talkie (zello) to talk, will the handheld walkie-talkie receive you? Does a handheld walkie-talkie need to use the Internet?
A: You can receive it no problem. Yes, as long as you use ZELLO, you must use the Internet.

Q: If I want to send a call with Push to Talk, do I have to be in ZELLO to press the call?
A: No need if you have CHILOKI accessories.

Q: After connecting the mobile phone and the walkie-talkie through the transfer cable, there is noise in the outgoing calls?
A: You need to adjust the sound of the radio and mobile phone to a balanced point, so that the sound can be sent but the noise is not too loud. Just adjust the volume.

Q: There is no need to wake up the mobile phone. Pressing the ZWB600 button can make calls just like a normal walkie-talkie?
A: Yes, when the phone screen is turned off, just press the ZWB600 button to make a call.

Q: Can I look at the navigation interface on my mobile phone and press the buttons to make a call?
A: You can still speak by pressing buttons in the navigation screen. Since speaking is executed in the background, you can still speak when the screen is locked.