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About Chiloki

Chiloki is a brand of PTT communications equipment with offices in New Taipei City, Taiwan and Tokyo, Japan, and its main sales markets are Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and the American.

Chiloki is the world's leading provider of PTT communication equipment for LTE networks. The equipment is manufactured in Taiwan (except for some models) and meets all high-level requirements and standards in the industry. Our products are compatible with Android and IOS devices as well as major PTT applications.

New generation 4G walkie-talkie, zero-distance calls! Best choice to replace old radios.

Chiloki push-to-talk smart intercom DD7, ZWB, and ZW series products are equipped with the free intercom software ZELLO App. When paired with the mobile phone's Bluetooth, it becomes a powerful smart intercom system, enabling one-click answering, easy calls, and operation Simple and very easy to use.

The push-to-talk smart intercom system uses 4G communication and is not limited by distance. It has no upper limit for self-built channels. It can set passwords to prevent eavesdropping. It can send text, voice, and image messages. It has the function of replaying historical messages. It has more than one million people around the world. Choosing to use instant intercom services, you can have one-on-one calls with friends, have family emergency meetings with family, can be used to communicate between team sports, and is more than enough to replace the old wireless intercoms used in the work environment.New generation 4G walkie-talkie, zero-distance calls! Best choice to replace old radios

Free Download the Zello push-to-talk app:

Zello is the #1 digital two way radio app with over 150 million users in over 200 countries. Frontline workers, teams, and communities stay connected, safe, and productive. Zello turns your phone into a walkie talkie that works anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet!

Drivers, taxi and delivery dispatchers, construction workers, enterprise fleet managers, retail associates and hotel staff love using Zello to locate their team members, communicate critical information, and get work done. Zello has even replaced 2-way radios at these jobs, eliminating cross-talk, extending communication range, and taking advantage of already deployed smartphones and tablets.

Millions more use Zello instead of texting or calling: for private chats with a friend, for a live group call with your family, to coordinate routes on a hiking adventure, or to set up a soccer practice.

• Talk with free live voice over any carrier or Wi-Fi connection in crystal clear quality
• Organize communication in channels of up 6000 users
• Send photos, text, or location to coworkers or friends instantly
• Replay messages later
• Use with countless compatible devices and push-to-talk accessories - even radios
• See who’s available or busy
• Free with no ads
• #1 choice of companies like Hilton, Honda, and YRC Freight